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This picture shows a typical elevated garage footing.  I could not find my other pictures, but this section was sealed off by a block wall to prevent any water from entering under garage.


This picture shows the end of day one of excavation.  The walls were then pressure cleaned to prepare for parge coat and waterproofing membrane.


This video shows how we can straighten bowed foundation walls caused by hydrostatic pressure.

This videos shows one option in repairing and straightening foundation walls in a home where hydrostatic pressure has cause horizontal cracks in a foundation causing a bowed wall.

We are the ONLY foundation repair specialist that repairs all our foundation to engineer specification and ALL our repairs come with an engineer's seal of approval!

Ava Dowell Foundation Repair & Waterproofing


Parks' Masonry is not only experts in new foundation construction and waterproofing, but also experts in foundation repairs.  We can repair any damaged foundation!   Many older homes suffer from foundation damage due to hydrostatic pressure which results in horizontal cracks in foundation walls causing wet basements.  Catching a problem early can save thousands in repair costs.  We can repair these cracks, properly waterproof your home, and ensure it will never happen again!

Click below on the PDF file to see the engineer's seal on a job we recently completed.


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