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If I had to think of a few words to describe Jody it would be honest, committed, perfection and a man of his word. Our experience with Jody was awesome. He always kept true to his word and continuously gave me ideas to save on the bottom line dollar. Jody often gave us advice on other areas of our house from an holistic project standpoint. We told Jody when we first met him that we wanted the best quality work for the best price. Jody told us that he wasn't the cheapest guy in town nor was he the most expensive but that he guaranteed us that we would be satisfied when he was done. I can you that Jody FAR EXCEEDED our expectations and I would highly recommend Jody for any of your masonry work. Thank you Jody for all your hard work, dedication and commitment to completing our project on time and UNDER BUDGET!!!

Jamey Shaunda Bare

As a Builder of high end custom homes for over 25 years I have dealt with a lot of subs over the years. Jody Parks is one of the best that I have ever worked with. It is refreshing to work with people that have the same values and integrity on the job as well as off the job. Jody strives for perfection in every part of his work. He and his crew have helped my company create for my clients a home that they will be proud of for years to come and I look forward to the next home we can work on together. thanks again for all you do Steve Parham Seamar Construction Group

Steve Parham   

Jody Parks built our front porch 3 years ago and we contacted him to build us a walkway from our driveway to the front porch. When my wife and I got back from vacation, the walkway was complete and the work was impeccable. Our walkway had to built on a steep slope and we also asked for the walkway to be flared out to widen it as it joined the front porch and the design the way he did it was more than we could have asked. Parks Masonry will always be my number #1 choice for brick/block work, period. The communication was very good and best of all the price that was quoted was the price in the end, with no surprises. They even reseeded my yard around where they had to dig for the walkway at no extra charge. If you are looking for the best block mason around.....Parks Masonry is it!

Travis & Rebecca Long  

To Whom It May Concern: I am a general contractor that has been in business for twenty-three years and I have never worked with a person that I respect and admire more than Jody Parks. He is honest and dependable. His work is excellent. His work ethic and personal character are rarely found today. I highly recommend him as a contractor and a person.

Allen Lankford   

As a residential contractor for the last 27 years, I can honestly say that Jody Parks is quite simply "The Best". He is very particular about his work, to the point that he rivals even me in my own penchant for perfection when I build a home. He is honest and dependable and if one could be so lucky to have Jody as your mason, then you have done yourself a great favor and will be very pleased with that portion of your project. I would put his work up against anyone in this state or any other for that matter.

Robert Johnson Const Co  

I want to tell you about a recent experience I had with a young business man named Jody Parks. I recently had a problem of water coming into my basement because of the actions of a neighbor. It is a long story, so I will skip all that. Any way, I needed a drain put in my basement, and I posted something about it on Go Wilkes, and he sent me a PM. I contacted him and he came out, looked it over and we agreed on a price and he came the next day to do the job. He and his crew worked hard all day and completed the job. That was last Tuesday a week ago. Then the rains came, and boy did it rain. Without that drain I would have been in my basement all night vacuuming water, and there would have been many, many gallons. It has happened before. I have tried to get the neighbor to correct the damage he did, but he is to busy to listen. So I had the drain installed. I woke up at 4am and went to my basement to see what was happening. Water was coming in and flowing right down the drain. For the first time in a long time, I did not have to dread the rain, and I came back upstairs and went back to bed and to sleep. Here is the part I really want you to know about Jody. Early the next morning, I sat down at my computer to send him a PM about how pleased I was with his work. As I was typing him a message, the phone rang, and there was Jody Parks calling me to see if I was all right, and the drain had done its job. I can't tell you how impressed I was that he took the time to see that all was well at my house. This young man is a pure professional and lovely person. During our conversation, I mentioned that his crew was very respectful, and I heard no foul language coming from anyone's mouth. Jody said that is a requirement if anyone works for him. I just want to say that is was a pleasure to have him here and I would recommend him for any type construction you may need done.He is a breath of fresh air in this dog eat dog world where every other word is foul and nasty.Thank you Jody

Gayle Parsons

Our experience with Jody and his team stands out as being one of the best among several contractors used when building our house. He was always on time, kept his commitments, and demonstrated a high degree of professionalism. His reputation for quality work and great craftsmanship is well deserved. We highly recommend Jody for anyone needing masonry work.

Van Rivers   

When we decided to build and act as our own contractor, we started asking for recommendations from family and friends who were either in or around construction. When we asked for recommendations for brick and block laying, nine times out of ten Jody Parks' name would be mentioned. After meeting with Jody, there was no doubt that he would be a man of his word. We were very pleased with Jody and his crew. Their workmanship and character are excellent and we highly recommend them to others.

Sherrill & Wanda Lowe   

When I built my house, I "served" as the contractor myself. My wife and I had discussed each piece of the project. We had decided on our brick that we were going to use and seemed all was in place. When Jody was recommended to me, I contacted him and we set a time to meet and discuss my plans. After explaining to him what kind of brick and color we were planning to go with, he1