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Written Testimonies From Existing Home Customers:

I have been working with Jody Parks Masonry for the past 17 years and during this time period we have developed a very strong working relationship.  As a business owner myself I have always been driven to find highly skilled professional subcontractors so we can produce a top quality project.  When I first started using Jody I quickly realized that precision and top quality was what he brought to the job site.  His keen since for detail and "thinking ahead" were some of the intangibles which made Jody a leader in his own industry.  Never once have I had any homeowner to question me on any aspect of the masonry for their home.  


One of the great benefits that Parks Masonry has that helps to set them apart is their full coverage of insurance.  It is a great benefit not only to the contractor but also peace of mind to the homeowner to know you are working a professional who is concerned about the safety of his employees by providing this standard of insurance coverage.  This relieves the homeowner of any responsibility in the event of an accident.


Every home we have every constructed has always been preceded by this statement, "I want my basement to be dry".  So Jody went to work realizing the demands of the customer.  By doing a turn key foundation project from the digging and poring of the footings, the actual block and brick masonry, down to the water proofing Jody began to put a "dry package" together that has proven to be 100% efficient.  When Jody first introduced his method of waterproofing, as with any new product, there were questions as to the efficiency and cost compared to other products.  Well I must admit since switching to this method I have no leaky or even damp basements, and the cost was only a portion of what we were accustomed to paying for waterproofing.  The keys that sold me on his waterproofing technique was once the waterproofing agent was applied to the walls with the gravel system in place along with the drainage lines there was no where for the water to go except where it was supposed to  - out the drainage lines.  The final step in waterproofing that makes it so critical is proper back filling and slope away form the structure.  I soon realized with Parks Masonry already having their equipment on the job, by letting them do the back filling and sloping not only was I saving myself and the homeowners money but Jody was able to give a final stamp of guarantee of a dry basement.  


The statement is a picture is worth a thousand words.  We are currently constructing a home that Jody has just completed the foundation and waterproofing.  Once the house was under roof and shingled we were waiting on the siding and trim before we could install guttering.  After a weekend of constant rain I went in on Monday to find large puddles of water around the perimeter of the house.  In one area of the house where several roof valleys come together the water had beat the back fill and formed a large hole up against the foundation.  You could see where the water had been, standing up to 12" deep during the rain, and the gravel system had worked perfectly.  There was no water in my foundation wall, no water had leaked thru into the basement, no musty smell, and no moisture.  I was then convinced this system was the way to go and 100% efficient.


Matthew D. Higgins

MDH Construction Company, LLC

Dear Jody, my wife Penny and I have been very pleased with the performance of the drainage system you installed on our basement walls. We have not had gutters for two years and have had no leaks. It has been a great pleasure working with you and your company to build our home. Thank you.

Robert Schultz

Jody, I just wanted to thank you for all of the hard work that you and your crew did waterproofing my basement wall. My wife and I built our house in 1998 and at that time we felt like we did everything possible to build a solid structure that would last a lifetime. However a couple of years ago we started having issues with a very small wet spot on one of our basement walls. It was nothing significant and would always dry up after a couple of days. This only happened during very heavy down pours of rain, any other time the wall in question was always dry. This went on for approximately 3 or 4 years then all of a sudden one significant storm came and water was running into the basement. This was very disturbing! I thought this must be a freak incident and would never happen again. I was wrong! The next time a very heavy rain came there was the water running in again. At this point I did not know what to do. I was so upset and disgusted that this was happening. The only thing that I was sure of was the existing waterproofing system that was originally used back in 1998 had failed!


I really didn't know who to call or what to do but I did know that you were in the masonry business and may have contacts in the waterproofing business. Once I called you and we began talking about my situation I was pleasantly surprised to find out that you had developed your own waterproofing system. I know your work and I know your reputation and I couldn't wait to have you come out and assess my problem. When you came to the house and we went over the process of what it would take to fix the problem I felt a little overwhelmed. However I knew going in that it would be somewhat of a job and that if I didn't address the problem it would only get worse.


Once you and your guys began work everything went exactly like you had said. Every day I could see the progress and everyday I was glad you guys were here! Once the basement wall was dug out and exposed there was the problem that I couldn't see. The existing waterproofing had deteriorated and was actually holding a pocket of water between the waterproofing and the block. After seeing this I knew I had made the right decision to address this problem. My mind was at ease and I knew that the system that you were installing would give me maximum protection against any future water problems. I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate everything you guys did and that I look forward to having a dry basement for many years to come.


Thanks again,


Jody Souther


As a new home builder I didn’t want to take the risk of ever having the thought of a possible water leak around our foundation. I talked to friends and family that have had issues in the past and present. I knew then this is not something I wanted my family and I to face in the future. When I saw the new waterproofing technique that Jody and his crew had available, I knew this was something that could save me the future headache and future cost. This waterproofing system is fool proof and well worth the money. A little spent now will save us a lot in the future and one less thing to worry about.




I have had Jody's system in for 6 months and after the past few weeks of monsoon weather, our basement stayed dry. I was very worried since we had over 12 inches of rain but to my suprise, no water or draining issues. If your concerned about a possible wet basement, then this system is a must. Great product, thanks Jody!


Brandon Bess

Matthew Higgins of MDH Construction-16 Year Construction Veteran

Nathan Cheek - Pleased Customer - Existing Home Digout


Dwight Hartszog - 30+ Year Construction Veteran & WCC Building Instructor

Chad Wayne of Church & Wayne Construction - 17 Year Construction Veteran

Flooded Basement in January...Dry with 49% Humidity 2 Months Later!!

Installs the Parks' Free-Flowing Waterproofing System on ALL his new homes!!

Recommends the Parks' Free-Flowing Waterproofing System to ALL homeowners and contractors!!

Plans to use the Parks' Free-Flowing Waterproofing System on ALL his future homes!!


Thank you so much for the great work you did for me. I will definitely call you back if I need something else done. And I'll tell everyone about the great job and the decent price. Thanks again Jody


Tom Pierce - Existing homeowner with wet basement which is now dry for less than $800.


We were experiencing severe water problems in the basement of a rental house that we have. I had talked to others about solutions, but no one seemed to have a system that would solve the issue. Then someone told me that I should contact Jody Parks and allow him to show us the system that he uses to waterproof a basement. I met with Jody and immediately felt comfortable with his system... and the amount of detail that he shared with me. During the entire process Jody was always available to answer questions and offer suggestions.


To dig out and waterproof an existing basement is a big project, but I was amazed how quickly this was accomplished by Jody and his team. I would recommend his company to anyone needing this service. In addition he is an excellent Mason and did some additional Masonry work for us on this project which enhanced the look of the house.

It was a pleasure to do business with Jody and you can count on him to finish the job on time and on budget. Jody thanks so much for your help!


Three inches of hard rain no problem!!!


Larry and Diane Stone.


I wanted to take a few minutes to give a testimonial about the Free-flowing Waterproofing System from Parks’ Masonry. But first let me just say a few things about Jody and his team: I was referred to Jody Parks by a local contractor. I called Jody as well as another company to come to my jobsite and demonstrate their products. Jody returned my call the same day and we set up a time to meet. He coordinated with others... on his team to meet with me as well and together they explained the concept of their system as well as how they would execute the installation. Everyone on the team was pleasant to work with and above all they were punctual! They worked around my schedule and completed the installation exactly as planned. A+ guys! As for the system, what can I say other than “It Works”. I’m currently building a new home and having a damp basement in the past I am adamant that this basement be dry. Jody’s team installed his system shortly after the framing started. We had several days of rain just after the system was installed and unfortunately the house was not yet dried in. So the walls got wet anyway. However one thing I noticed was how quickly they dried. I have to attribute a portion of this to the system allowing air to flow around the walls. Another thing was the backfill. The system has been installed for approximately six weeks now and the backfill area has only settled a few inches. This will save me time in the future by not having to continually fill in around the house. The team lightly compacted the fill as they installed which is something most everyone else overlooks. Now that the home is dried in I have had Zero moisture on my basement walls. I have no guttering up and the entire house has hip roofs so I get water all the way around every time it rains. But I have a dry basement… In summary, Parks Masonry has earned my trust and my business. I recommend anyone building a new home protect it with the Free-flowing Waterproofing system by Jody Parks and Parks’ Masonry. And if you have a leaky basement, give him a call. You won’t be disappointed.


Michael Byrd

After reading a testimonial from Larry Stone about the Parks' Free-Flowing Waterproofing System, I gave Jody Parks a call to look at my basement that was leaking bad every time it rained. It was so bad, whenever it would rain , we would have to burn candles everywhere to help get rid of the musky smell, and now after 11 inches of rain in one week there is no smell at all, and my basement is dry! It is just AMAZING! I'm so glad I called Jody because I was very happy with the way Jody and his team treated me (which means a lot). I am also very pleased with the Parks' Free-Flowing Waterproofing system Jody installed at my home. It really works!


Peggy Whitley

I would like to recommend Parks' Waterproofing Company. I have been having water issues for some time now and called Jody out to take a look at the problem. During his assessment he was able to determine that a much cheaper solution was my best option. I appreciate Jody's honesty and integrity by not taking advantage of the situation and telling me the more expensive option was the only way to fix the problem. His honesty saved me literally thousands of dollars.


Jeff Hartley

Jody - all the rain we've had lately really put your waterproofing system to the test - and you passed with an A+.....A dry basement!!! We are amazed at the difference it's made in my Mom's house. A special THANK YOU to you and your entire team for everything. You're providing a great service here and I'm sure that you will have much success.


Lisa Davis


The water system works great, the basement is completely dry. The retaining wall looks great. Thanks for all the hard work you all did to make my grandma's house dry. Great job!


Ken Johnson

Written Testimony From a Wilkes County Building Inspector:

I am a Wilkes County Building Inspector. I have been inspecting jobs for Jody for almost 10 years now. Mr. Parks is very detail oriented and his water proofing system is no exception. I have heard nothing but praise from his clients that have the system and the ones that I have personally seen installed work without a hitch. In my opinion there is no product on the market that can compare to Jody's system.


Grant Miller- Wilkes County Inspections

Written Testimonies From New Home Customers:

Hi Jody,
     I don't have many photos of the foundation w/ the waterproofing but Mike and I took this one today which we thought was very "telling".  This is a photo from inside the basement...  the dry block wall in the middle (and the one to the right) are backed (on the other side) by your waterproofing system; the wall to the left that is still damp is the wall that has been backfilled with sand (beneath the garage).  And it's under cover right now so it hasn't been rained on in almost 5+ days whereas the rest of the house that has your system on it (and has been rained on) is dry on the inside of the basement.

I'll have Mike put together more images and write up his thoughts, but he saw this today and said we ought to send it to you...  so I snapped this photo.


..."I had spent weeks researching foundation waterproofing and backfilling— basement moisture and humidity were my biggest concerns as we were building our new house.  But once I heard about Park’s free-flowing waterproof system, and learned how well developed the system was, I realized it was the best way to go (and definitely worth the money).  I was so impressed with Jody Parks' attention to detail and how carefully he and his crew worked on our house.  Once it was installed, I could easily see the results— in the area of the garage foundation where we backfilled with sand, we noticed that the basement wall interior was damp.  Everywhere we used the Park’s waterproof system, however, the interior basement walls were dry.  A picture is worth a thousand words— and you can clearly see how dry our basement is where we used Park’s free-flowing system." 


-Cindy and Mike Pierce

In my opinion as a general contractor and real estate agent for thirty years, it is the best waterproofing system I have seen.

Allen Lankford

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