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Risk-Free Limited Lifetime Warranty


This Warranty is From:

Any licensed installer of the Parks' Free-Flowing Waterproofing System.     


This Warranty is To:

Any customer who has the Park’s Free-Flowing Waterproofing System installed on any structural wall by licensee.


What is Covered:

Licensee guarantees that the Parks’ Free-Flowing Waterproofing System will drain water away from

foundation or retaining walls for the life of the structure.


Warranty Claims:

If the Parks’ Free-Flowing Waterproofing System ever ceases to drain water away from your foundation or retaining

wall, licensee will issue a full refund for labor on system installation only.  Additional grading or backfill

completed at the time of system installation aside from a typical three foot over dig will not be refunded.  No materials will be refunded.


Warranty Conditions:

Invoice for system installation must be presented at time of claim.  Two exits points for French drain must be clearly marked, identifiable, and clear of any debris or sediment.  On residential structures, local building codes standards on minimum surface water drainage must be met around the perimeter of the structure.  


What Happens if System is Suspected of Failing:

Licensee will first inspect exits and/or clean outs of French Drain which must be clearly marked.  If exits are clear, licensee will then trace drain line back to exit points of foundation or retaining wall to inspect.  Water will then be run to test to make sure lines are clear.  If lines are clear licensee will then expose gravel in system and then run water into system for an amount of time deemed sufficient by supervisor.  If system will no longer drain water, a full labor refund will be given to customer.



Licensee in no way warranties waterproofing membranes of any type.  Licensee in no way warranties drain pipes of any type. Sediment infiltration of French drain will void warranty.  Crushed or damaged pipes connecting to French drain will void warranty.  Any part of system infiltration will void warranty.



The Parks’ Free-Flowing Waterproofing System is the intellectual property of Jody Parks.  Patent is pending with the

US Patent and Trademark Office.

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